How do you decorate a small house?

If you have a small house, you can decorate it well and have the house reflect your personality. Here are some ways how you can go about it.

You can have colorful accents. These give life and add vibrancy to neutral finishing. You can have upholstery in white or neutral colors which ensure that the furniture will be in style for many years. In addition to it, you can change the décor just by using different accents in the form of pillows and window shades.

You can have built in closets and cabinets. These help to increase the storage space and they can be used to display items as well. You can also have a pull out table or shelf which can work as a bar when you so want it to – when entertaining. You can use glass doors as well as frames made of light wood. These give the place a lighter and more airy look.

You can add a statement wall to the dining area and the bedrooms as well. This dresses up the entire room. You can also use area rugs to add to the style quotient of the room as well.

The porch can have cane furniture or furniture which is airy and light. Breezy curtains can be used which will add to the lightness of the mood and at the same time offer privacy.

The kitchen can be done up in a modular style, this decreases the clutter seen and adds to the free flow of air and energy in the room. Various cabinets even to store home appliances help to decrease the clutter and add to the lightness of the room.

The bedrooms can have storage built in under the bed especially to store linen.

These are some tips to help decorate a small home.

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