How do you protect children when online?

The internet is a boon as it is a huge treasure trove of knowledge. However, there are all kinds of knowledge available online and there are all kinds of people who can be found online as well. Not everyone or everything on the internet is good and that is why children need to be protected. Here are some ways to keep children safe when they are online.

You need to discuss with the children early on with regards safety on the internet. They need to understand the things which are there to protect such as passwords, internet security and more.  Children should be taught how and why different passwords should be used and what the consequences of not following that rule are.

They should be taught that if they would not do something face to face, they should avoid it online as well. For example, if they would not go up to a random stranger face to face and start up a conversation, they should avoid it online too.

They need to understand what is done on the web is there forever and there is no way of erasing it. Employers and even university admission offices check social media profiles.

They need to be taught that they need to beware of strangers who bear gifts and not to get lured into various kinds of scams by getting starry eyed at being offered a too good to be true offer.

They need to know that what they write they cannot delete it – whatever is written, is written forever and they need to think before writing as they may regret their words later.

They need to know that they should never accept to private chat with strangers and should never post their address or mobile number.

The rule they should follow is to imagine there is a responsible adult looking at them at all times.

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