How To Find The Best Family Law Solicitors In The Hills District

divorce papers inside a court room

Going through a divorce is a long, grueling process. It’s a long-winding process full of emotion, frustration and sadness. Naturally, you want the best legal representation available at your disposal. If you need a team of high-qualified family law solicitors in the Hills District, you want to make sure that you are taking your time, since the wrong decision could lead you down a dangerous path. If you have never hired a solicitor before, then the hiring process can seem daunting. What should you be looking for? How can you spot the difference between the best family law solicitors in the Hills District and the worst? Well, read this guide to find out how.


Great listening skills

One thing that a solicitor simply must be is a good listener. When it comes time to the trial or mediation discussions, your barrister should be doing most of the talking. However, behind closed doors in client meetings, the best family law solicitors in the Hills District should be focused on listening. At the end of the day, they are communicating your case – so they need to know your point of view as much as possible. This will involve your legal representatives asking you questions about the matter and respond to what you say in a constructive and timely manner.


As objective as possible


No one is completely objective; there is always some lingering bias in our decision making. It might sound strange, but the best family law solicitors in the Hills District shouldn’t be to empathetic. Whilst there is certainly a space for emotional support, your solicitor has a job to do and that’s to get the best outcome for you. An effective legal representative will seek the truth at all costs, pursuing a professional relationship with their clients – one which is based on facts and truth.


Clear payment structure

Paying your legal fees can be a sensitive issue. Let’s face it, the best family lawyers in the Hills District won’t be cheap, but often this is what you need to do to get the best legal representation. What can make the whole process even more confusing is how billable hours are invoiced, in terms of payment methods. For example, immigration barristers often charge flat fees because of the nature of the work. On the other hand, family law solicitors in the Hills District will likely be charging varied fees, such as ongoing invoices, singular fees etc. For someone who has never needed legal representation before, this process can be confusing.


They impress you

lawyer-client talking

At the end of the day, you need to trust your gut feeling when it comes to hiring family law solicitors in the Hills District. Make sure you set up a personal, face-to-face meeting before formally signing a contract. This meeting can be a great source of information, during which time you can assess their soft skills such as professionalism, politeness, oratory abilities and other relevant factors that will affect your overall decision.

If you’re impressed, take some time to consider all your options before officially giving them the go ahead. Contrastingly, if you felt the meeting was a waste of time, then don’t wait around or dwell on that option. If the solicitor was preoccupied or seemed disinterested in your matter, then just keep researching and keep looking.

No matter how strict or tight your budget might be, you should be able to find effective and reliable legal representation in your area. If you are on the lookout for reliable family law solicitors in the Hills District, make sure you take your time and ask the right questions. A great barrister will go a long way.

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