Why is family life important?

Family is a term used for people that are related to each other by marriage or birth. Family has several categorizations. There is a close family or extended family. The close family consists of the spouses, children and parents. Extended family includes aunts, uncles, cousins as well as in-laws.

Families are also classified into nuclear families which consist of the parents and their children, biological families related by blood, so on and so forth. Some families extend to even the grandparents where they take care of the grand children. There are families which have same sex couples who adopt kids etc.

Families are important as the members of the families support and love each other. They show unconditional love and they protect their members. Their members know come what may, they can always come back to their family and be accepted if not welcomed back.

Family members understand each other and love each member regardless of their quirks as well as differences of opinion. They offer a sense of a community to each member.

Family values protect their members from external influences. They act as a compass for their members who tend to go astray or are being lured away by external influences. This especially is true of teens or young adults.

They give their members a center to come back to. They offer a safe haven to their members. Sometimes they even provide financial assistance to their members – even their adult members.

A family is the integral unit which is responsible for raising children. They provide bodily, emotional as well as spiritual nourishment for the children. They teach the children what is wrong and right.

Family values affect individuals, their way of thinking and the decisions they make.

They in short make up what the individual is and will turn out to be.

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