Why The Fronius Inverter Is a Major Asset For Domestic Homeowners

solar panels

Solar system products can appear to be relatively ubiquitous from the outside looking in.

Once the solar panels have been installed on a premises, surely the program looks after itself?

Well this is a niche that involves far more detail than that perception would suggest and it is why a product like the Fronius inverter is so popular among domestic homeowners.

By converting the direct current or DC for short derived from the panels into 240V current (AC), the sunlight exposure gathered and stored from the roof can finally be leveraged for a household.

The Austrian manufacturer in Fronius has been a market leader in this respect, creating a model that has been envied by competitors and admired by consumers who understand its unique value.

Here we will take a closer look at the benefits offered by this special item.


Snap-In Design Innovation

The sleek design of the Fronius inverter offers an aesthetic appeal for consumers in this market, but the manufacturing of the item has a number of practical appeals as well. The snap-in design ensures that the installation is straightforward for a single technician, bypassing many of the complications that competing brands encounter. It can be easily mounted and placed in a variety of locations across the premises, optimising its simplistic design and allowing for maneuverability and flexibility for the user.


World-Class Residential and Commercial Capabilities

It is almost unheard of to excel across two very distinct markets in this industry, satisfying the large residential populous as well as the commercial sector. The Fronius inverter ticks both of those boxes respectively. The standard inverter has been selling at a high volume for residential customers for a number of years, but it is the 3-phase Symo and ECO inverters that have led the charge in the commercial sector. This is an industry that carries a higher level of demand given the larger scale and key performance indicators (KPIs) that go into these types of investments, each item leaving a mark with their commercial owners.


WiFi Monitoring Application

Smart control systems are necessary to ensure that the Fronius inverter is maximising the potential from the installed solar panels. By logging into the system through the family or business WiFi connection, users can track energy consumption rates in real time and be informed by any rise or drop in performance level. This is showcased through graphs represented via various colour schemes, making the data apparent for those users who are not experts in the solar domain. When filtering the data sets according to kilowatt per hour usage and broken down into the day, month and year, owners can quickly educate themselves about the product in question.


Quality Support Services

Although the Fronius inverter was developed in Austria on European soil, domestic homeowners are able to take advantage of the company’s brilliant customer support services. Leading the way for photovoltaic innovation, local clients are able to engage specialists on the ground and talk to Australian operators before booking in for technical support. One of the selling points of domestic competitors is that they have a local footing and whilst this is beneficial, it is not an element that is a shortcoming for Fronius since their expansion down under.


10-Year Warranty Protection

The good news for those consumers who dive in on the Fronius inverter investment is that they are covered for 10 years courtesy of a comprehensive warranty protection. If this wasn’t reason enough to back the brand, they offer an additional free 5-year extended warranty when the purchase is made online. The Fronius inverter rarely falters, but even in those rare circumstances there is protective insurance for the client.


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